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BioPhysics. NanoDynamics

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Single molecules. Protein-DNA interaction. Nucleus organization. Cancer genetics.

Live-cell imaging. Time-resolved microscopy. Super-resolution. Spectral imaging. 

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Research at a glance

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science that tries to explain biological phenomena using physical models.

Our lab focuses on the biophysical properties of biological systems. We aim to uncover the fundamental physical and biological principles that govern various forms of life. Understanding these biological systems requires combining physical principles that are unique to the biological world. Facinating biophysical models are seldom discovered; their use not only enhances our basic understanding of nature - it also leads to improved healthcare and well-being.


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From experiments to theory
& back

Science progresses through the close interplay of experiment and theory. Our lab focuses on experimental studies of complex biological-physical systems. This leads to the discovery of new mechanisms and reveals new theories, but it seldom leads to the development of novel applications.


Biological entities are complex. This may result from the sophistication that evolved through the changes that they underwent throughout extensive periods of time. It results from the multiple-scale, in time and space, which affect almost every single biological system, from the redundancy of many biological mechanisms and the wealth of basic biological and biochemical molecules.

This complexity creates a great challenge in biophysics.


Much have I learned from my teachers, even more from my colleagues, but from my students I have learned more than from anyone else. Rabbi Chanina


Teaching several courses at the undergraduate and graduat levels,

supervising graduate students, organization of conferences and workshops.

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