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Advanced Biophysics

Advanced Biophysics:


Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science that either tries to explain biological phenomena with physical models, develop novel physical tools for biological studies, or both. The course will concentrate on fundamental biophysics concepts in an advanced level.

This course is aimed for students at the Master’s level or higher with Bachelors physics or biophysics background. Courses in probability and statistics, electromagnetism and optics are essential. Third-year students may participate as well.


  1. Biological scales, Random walks and Diffusion

  2. Thermodynamics of biophysical systems,

  3. Entropy and free energy consideration for reactions

  4. Smoluchowski and Langevin equations

  5. Molecular biology of the cell

  6. Fluids, Navier-Stokes equations

  7. Biophysical systems with low Reynolds numbers

  8. Polymers & DNA biophysics

  9. Membrane biophysics

  10. Electrostatics: Poisson-Boltzman equations

  11. Proteins

  12. Molecular motors

  13. Seminars

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