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Professor Yuval Garini

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Understanding the principles of living systems

I am interested to explore the mechanisms of (a few) living systems. Living systems eveolved for billions of years. They are extremely complex, involve redundent mechanisms that ensure proper functioning, involve multi-scales in space and time, and form highly complex dynamic networks. 

A major focus theme in my research is the genome organization in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. It is a fascinating system that requires to exploit all possible experimental capabilities, and further develope new methods.


It also requires to adopt and develop theoretical models in order to expose the principles of the systems. Live-cell imaging is a central motif in my lab, and it is naturally based on optical microscopy. We also heavily use single-molecule methods, nanotechnology and other means.


Each discovery is an award. Not only we gain a deeper understanding, but it also reflects on the ability to use the discovery for improving human health, fight cancer and develope better diagnostics tools.

Current and previous research Projects

  1. DNA-based nano structures such as DNA Origami and its usage for biophysical purposes and for live-cell methods such as RNA expression level analysis in vivo.

  2. Organization of the genome in the nucleus and its alteration through diseases and cancer. Studies include advanced dynamic methods in live cells and modeling.

  3. DNA-protein single molecule interaction detection by a unique tethered particle motion method that uses metal nano-beads.

  4. Development of advanced live-cell measurements for exploring the dynamic properties of proteins, DNA and organelles in live cells.

  5. Development of spectral imaging systems and applications for cytogenetics and pathology, including the development of spectral imaging systems and the method called Spectral Karyotyping that is broadly used all around the world for diagnostics and research.


2020 –            Full professor, Biomedical Engineering, Technion

2019 –            Committees head, Israel Council for Higher Education

2017 –            Leader of advanced-learning initiative programs

2017 –            Founder, Nanoscience-Art museum, Bar Ilan University

2015 –            Full professor, Physics Department, Bar-Ilan University

2016 –            Committees member, Israel Academy of Sciences

2013 – 2018   Head, Bar Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology

2007 – 2015   Senior & Associate Prof., Physics Department, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2002 – 2006   Assistant Professor, Delft University, Faculty of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

1994 – 2001   Applied Spectral Imaging, Israel R&D director

Professional & Awards

2018              Chair NANO.IL conference, Jerusalem, Israel

2016 –           Leon and Maria Taubenblatt Prize for Excellence in Medical Research 2016.

2007 –           Board member Israeli Live Imaging Forum (ILIF)
2009 – 2016  Council member & treasurer, Israeli Physics Society

2009              Excellent Lecturer award, Bar Ilan University 2009

                      Editorial board, various journals

                      Member: American Association of Biophysics, SPIE & more


1990-1994       Ph.D., Physics, Technion – Israel institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
1987-1990       Master, Physics, Technion – Israel institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
1984-1987       B.Sc., Physics, Technion – Israel institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

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China Directors forum - August 2017 grou
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Lecture: Single
molecule detections

Lecture [Hebrerw]: Genome organization

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Garini's lab

HaArets article

Next challange:
DNA in the nucleus

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Lecture - Hebrew - Genome organization 2
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